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Every good real estate investor can learn from the experience of National REIA President Ryan Kuhlman. In his new course, which is designed to train real estate investors in the USA the exact methods he's used to become a local and national renowned expert on real estate investing, you can have a mentor you can tap into and lean on for advise to help you pave your way in the tricky world of real estate investing.

You will NOT find a more down to earth, tried-and-tested real estate mentor and educator, than Ryan Kuhlman.

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Now, if you are looking for real estate mentoring, here's some questions you need to take into account from Ryan himself. 

Five Questions to Ask Any Real Estate Mentor

1. What is the level of experience of the mentor that is teaching?

I have a combined 30 + years of first hand experience in real estate in South Florida investing, flipping, and wholesaling homes.

There are many people in the industry that go around teaching that have never actually done a real estate deal. They hire professional salespeople to go around the country to get you excited about real estate and yet they have no experience. Also, many online platforms of social media, HD TV shows don’t fully tell you the whole picture.

2. Is your mentor actually doing real estate deals currently?

I actually do everything I teach. I have been doing deals in and up and down markets. As the world has adapted social media, automation and encountered a pandemic, I have not only been doing deals, but have been thriving during this time. I have a pulse on the market and a fully trained team with me that gathers more data than anyone in the industry.

If your mentor is not doing deals currently, how can you know what is happening in the market? You are being reactive versus proactive. By the time you hear from others, the trends may be changing in your area and their tactics may not be current.

By joining my course, you'll get real time data you can plug into your real estate business ASAP!

3. Why is it important to have a real estate mentor?

Local mentors know the area. I'm located in South Florida, which is a little unique in that you may drive one block and you have a gorgeous home and next block you may encounter a crack house. Local mentors are familiar with areas, laws, code enforcement, and have a power team full of contractors, hard money lenders, title companies and much more.  I teach all of this and show you what to look out for in your local market.

4. Everyone states they are the #1 mentoring program! 

Growing up in the Northeast, I come from a culture of telling you how it is.  I led the #1 mentoring program (BREIA - Broward Real Estate Investors Association) and based on my success, became the youngest President of the National Real Estate Investors Association.  I ended up feeling like I needed to think bigger than just South Florida, so while growing Florida Homeowner Solutions I decided to take my real estate mentor program NATIONAL.

5. Next question that you need to ask yourself is what does the mentor provide you to become a successful real estate investor?

You want to learn from someone who is actively investing in real estate.  So many real estate courses I see online are simply informational, yet the people teaching the program have ZERO SKIN in the game.  My main business is investing in real estate, and I've mentored hundreds of students in South Florida while leading by example.  There isn't another real estate mentor out there doing the work I do on a daily basis.

Best Real Estate Mentor

This is a virtual e-based real estate mentor program.  You can learn the same methods I've used to make money in real estate.

  • Video Training
  • Fully Supported Group Environment
  • Ongoing Training
  • 1 on 1 Discussions with Ryan Kuhlman himself
  • Annual Meet-ups

Find out how I've become a master in Florida in the following categories:

Looking forward to helping you become the best real estate investor you can possibly be.  I go above and beyond for my students and you'll see that in my testimonials.

See you on the inside!