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Short Sale Experts in Florida

If you don't have any equity in your home… then a SHORT SALE is your only option.


When facing a foreclosure and the bank is not approving your loan modification to keep the house, a SHORT SALE is the ONLY answer. A short sale will protect your credit score and avoid having a foreclosure on your permanent record.

When you are in a short sale in Florida, you can continue to live in the property for the 4-6 months that it takes to get the short sale approved, and you don't have to make payments during that time!

A short sale is when a cash buyer makes an offer to your bank to buy the property for less than what is owed on your mortgage. If you don't have equity and if your property needs repairs, the property will not be worth the amount owed on the mortgage.

When Short Sale Is Your Only Option

“We have a team of in-house negotiators with more than 20 years experience of working directly with the bank, dedicated to successfully negotiating short sales from beginning to end.”

Florida Short Sales Facts

In simple terms, a short sale is the process of selling a home for less than what is owed on the mortgage with the lender's approval. This is one of the best ways to avoid foreclosure.

On average, the short sale process can take anywhere from 4-6 months.

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“We have had a 99% success rate in getting short sales approved since 2008!”

The Florida Short Sale Process


We list the property for the short sale. (The bank requires us to list the property but we will not be showing your property. We already have the buyer.)


You will fill out a short sale application that we receive from your bank.


We will collect some documents from you to complete the short sale package.


The bank will send an appraiser to the property to determine the value.


We negotiate the price of the property and relocation for you.


We get your short sale approved so you can move on and never have to pay on the mortgage again.

What Are The Benefits Of Short Sales?

What Are The Benefits Of Short Sales in FL?

There are many benefits to a Short Sale. A Short Sale is the best way to protect yourself from having a foreclosure on your record and ruining your credit. A Short Sale also gives what is called a 'waiver of deficiency'. This means that you will NEVER have to pay on your mortgage ever again.

It is important to know that you can start over and someday in the future be able to purchase another property. By doing a Short Sale, you will give yourself the opportunity.

Here are some benefits provided by a Short Sale:

  • Lowers credit ONLY 50-70 points.
  • Full Waiver of Deficiency. Bank will not pursue loan shortage.
  • Affect credit for only 12-18 months. You may be able to purchase a new home immediately.
  • Loan applications do not ask questions about a short sale. You can report your home as sold.
  • Will not affect future employment opportunities.
  • You will have more time in your home while the bank considers the short sale.

The Short Sale Checklist

Download the checklist of the documentation required by the bank from the homeowner for the Short Sale.

The Simple Process of Selling a Home With Equity

The Simple Process Of Selling Your Home With Equity.

When you are facing a foreclosure with equity in your property, the bank is going to eventually take all of your equity if they can. The equity is the money left over after you sell your house and pay off your mortgage.

Here Is the Problem…

The bank is charging you late fees, penalties, interest, administration fees, and even the bank's attorney's. So literally every day they take some of your equity.

Here Is the Solution…

We will help you not only avoid foreclosure, but we will also pay off your mortgage and all of the extra fees so that you get as much of the equity left as possible.

Essentially, you sell your house FAST for cash, and save your credit.

Here's How It Works…


You order a pay off statement from your bank for the balance of your mortgage. (This will include all of the extra things your bank is charging you.)


We make certain you have equity in your property so you can walk with some cash.


We payoff your mortgage and all fees within 30 days.

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