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"I’ve received documents from the County court saying foreclosure sale descended, loan reinstated and down payment accepted. Thank you so much!!! You’ve been a blessing for me, and I am so grateful for your help."

Denise Frison
— Fort Myers, FL

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Common Reasons Good People Get Forced To Sell Their House

Foreclosure: The bank is not forgiving. Maybe you don’t have the income to pay your mortgage or maybe the bank increased your payments and the payment is no longer affordable each month.

Relocation: Whether you decide to move or you are forced to relocate because of work reasons or military deployment, you need to do something with the house your leave behind.

Job Loss: Also, you may have lost your job thus you are no longer in a capacity to meet your mortgage payments.

Death In Family: The loss of a loved one is never easy. If they left behind a property sometimes it can be difficult to take on the burden of paying for the maintenance of the house.

Debt: You may also be in debt i.e. you owe a company or someone money yet you are unable to meet your repayment obligations. If your debt is more than the value of your house, you may be forced to sell your house.

Divorce: This is another common eventuality that may force you to sell your house. Couples are expected to split property by half if there are no prenuptial agreements. In case you are going through a divorce and you fail to agree with your partner who should take the house, you might be forced to sell your house against your will.

We Help You Keep Your Home, Sell Your Home, Or We Buy Your Home.

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