Florida Homeowner Solutions Acquires BREIA

BREIA Is Being Acquired by Florida Homeowner Solutions

Ryan Kuhlman, CEO and Founder of Florida Homeowner Solutions, a leading real estate company serving the state of Florida from it’s home office in Hollywood, is pleased to announce the acquisition of BREIA, a company he co-owned in the past that helped people learn the process of investing in real estate.

This strategic acquisition allows Florida Homeowner Solutions to expand their services beyond helping homeowners who are having trouble keeping up with their payments or looking to avoid foreclosure and once again allow Kuhlman to educate people across the globe about real estate.

The team at Florida Homeowner Solutions has been expanding immensely and this acquisition, which includes all digital assets, allows the company to continue to expand it’s impressive library of information available to aspiring real estate professionals and homeowners alike.

Kuhlman had previously sunset the brand in 2021 to focus on Florida Homeowner Solutions and his personal mentoring program, the Flip Coach.

BREIA was and is the most successful local real estate mentoring program in South Florida, helping educate investors mainly in Broward and Dade County. Purchased from Bill and Jan Leon, the BREIA brand is recognized for it’s impact on the South Florida community under Kuhlman’s leadership.

Kuhlman was not only the President of BREIA, but also the National REIA, a governing body that oversees all local chapters throughout the nation.


BREIA, short for Broward Real Estate Investors Association, was a local REIA that focused on mentoring real estate professionals in Broward County. The company officials mutually split in 2021 before Kulhman acquired all assets.

If you are looking for a real estate mentor in South Florida, please visit this page for more information.  I'm mentoring select students in a much more efficient, cost-effective way than we did with BREIA.

mentoring students earning checks

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About Florida Homeowner Solutions

Founded in 2021 by Ryan Kuhlman, Florida Homeowner Solutions helps distressed homeowners by finding solutions to help them avoid foreclosure. The company serves the entire state of Florida from it’s Hollywood office and takes pride in helping homeowners with it’s “no fee approach” where they often are able to acquire homes for cash and save the homeowners credit, keep them from foreclosure, and the fear of living in uncertainty.

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The company offers many services, including: