Think Twice Before You Join BPM REIA

If you are in South Florida and are looking for real estate mentoring, perhaps you've come across BPM REIA.

I'm Ryan Kuhlman, founder of the Flip Coach, and I urge you to read about the best real estate mentoring program you can invest in and get a personal mentoring experience from yours truly.

I own Florida Homeowner Solutions and am an active real estate investor - not just a coach.  I practice what I preach and am strictly business.

My past experiences owning BREIA (Broward Real Estate Investors Association) coupled with being the youngest President of the National REIA, a 501 (C) trade association that governs local REIAS and investment clubs throughout the United States.

I've taught 1,000's of students how to achieve financial independence through real estate over the last 10 years.

My decision to de-couple from the National REIA stems from a desire to be more active in my own business during the COVID pandemic, which provided a massive opportunity to generate income to buy, sell, and acquire real estate while coaching programs were largely limited to ZOOM.

Additionally, I wanted the ability to offer my Flip Coach program nationally and change lives of people interested in learning real estate nationally, versus just South Florida, something that BPM REIA can't offer.  If you are outside the state of Florida, I can offer you personal training through my Flip Coach Real Estate Mentoring as well as in-person if you choose that option.

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mentoring students earning checks

I put up all the money for my students and we SHARE the profits.

Florida Real Estate Mentoring

If you happen to live in South Florida, you have an even more unique opportunity to learn real estate personally from me, at a fraction of the cost offered by competing local REIAS.  I decided to take a limited number of local students to fill the void left when I sunset BREIA and entirely changed the corporate culture of how I run a real estate business, and this is all taught in my personal mentoring experience.

What Does the Local Flip Coach Program Offer?

The Flip Coach South Florida mentoring program provides a hands on experience for students in a very professional environment.

Unlike BPM REIA, who does not have an office, we have a physical location you are welcome to visit at any time in Hollywood, Florida.

On top of that, we put up all of the money for your real estate deals and split any revenue generated 60 - 40 in YOUR favor.

This is the most aggressive revenue split offered in any South Florida mentoring program!

My fees are also less than other mentoring programs, and to boot, you can come with me and visit the projects we are currently involved in.  Come see my rehab projects and learn how the process goes in real time!

Unlike other "coaches," I am active in the trade and not just about selling mentoring packages.  You can come to the office any time and see my full board of current real estate deals and work with me in a professional environment.

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