Using Social Media Platforms to Find Motivated Sellers

As a real estate investor, it’s your job to find motivated sellers every possible way you can. You have to attract interested parties that are willing to sell you their property cheaply because they need to vacate ownership for one reason or another. To pull this off, you may want to use social media platforms to find your next great deal.

But how do you utilize these platforms to find real estate sellers who are motivated to work with you? Simply put, there are a few ways to go about it and we will share our most effective techniques with you below.

  1. Use the Search Feature to Discover Motivated Sellers

Whether you’re spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another social media platform, the search feature could come in very handy to help you discover motivated sellers. People who are really determined to sell their house have undoubtedly posted about it on their social media account. So if you search for specific terms like “real estate for sale” or something similar, you should discover a few solid leads that you never would have found otherwise.

All in all, using the search feature is a great way to discover other connections to valuable real estate as well. You can find real estate investors groups, real estate agents, and other things related to real estate. By searching for and discovering active Facebook pages, Instagram feeds, and Twitter feeds, you’ll connect with active investors and real estate agents that you never would have known otherwise.

  1. Run Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts

Facebook is one of the most powerful websites in the world. And as far as social media goes, there are more than 2.2 billion active users on the site every day. This is a humongous audience to tap into so you have to take advantage of it sooner rather than later to find great real estate deals and motivated sellers.

Your best bet to connect with people quickly is to run Facebook ads and promoted posts. This will get your investment company in front of the right people. You can target specific people looking to sell their home and tell them that you are an interested buyer. Set it up so they can give you their name and email address so you can contact them in the future to learn more about their property.

  1. Create Facebook and YouTube Videos about Your Real Estate Investing Business

Lastly, having a presence on YouTube and Facebook Live video will definitely get you in front of the right audience. You see, people love watching videos about topics of interest and they spend hours of their day consuming this content. If you can create high quality real estate related content, you can attract a large audience and find motivated sellers in the process. Remember to post these videos to Facebook Live and YouTube regularly to potentially access a colossal audience of motivated sellers.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, using social media to attract and find motivated sellers is a great idea. Take heed to this advice and use it as often as possible. It will help you grow your real estate investing business and find motivated sellers very easy in the future.