Sports in Miami

Miami is a city which has teams for all major league sports such as Miami Dolphins for football, Miami Heat for basketball, Miami Marlins for baseball, and Florida Panthers for hockey. Furthermore Miami has a variety of other sports which are enjoyed by the locals and make for good entertainment in the city.

These smaller sports are tennis, racing, golf and various water based sports. Although historically very few players have gone on to professional status in these sports, they are still very much a benchmark of Miami living because of the beaches.

The Marlins and the Miami Heat players have their home ground well within the limits of the city and play most of their games there and the matches are attended in large numbers by local supporters. Downtown Miami and Marlins Park is where most of the matches are held.

Miami Dolphins have their Sunlife Stadium for games and they have since 1966 been Miami’s chief offering for major league football. The Bowl Championship series are also regularly hosted at the same stadium.

Hockey is not big in Miami but their team the Florida Panthers does have a good following and they play at the BB and T center. They currently have no championships under their belt.

In football however Miami has won the Super Bowl twice and in Baseball the World Series twice as well.

Soccer is slowly beginning to make a mark in Miami and the team of Fort Lauderdale called The Fort Lauderdale Strikers is a very promising entry. Miami United FC is also widely followed for soccer league.

Another thing that Miami has a lot of is college teams. There are many for football and basketball such as Miami Hurricanes and FIU Panthers.

Visit Miami and you'll see all the sports teams in a gorgeous South Florida setting and want to buy real estate in Miami FL.  There are so many things to do in Miami, that you really will wonder why you didn't move here earlier.