We buy houses in Florida in an incredibly beneficial manner and hassle-free for our customers who want to sell fast. With cash buyers like us, there's no reason you can't sell your house fast regardless of the repair value. If you're thinking “I need to sell my house fast,” let us give you an estimate today! Why deal with open houses and the traditional stuff?

Today we'll share why my company, Florida Homeowner Solutions is the best company to take care of you when you need help most!

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Florida Homeowner Solutions

When we decide to buy houses, you get to skip having to deal with a real estate agent and all the paperwork that comes with going that route. We are house heroes that offer cash quickly. You're guaranteed a fair offer, which may even be more money than you expected.

Don't think that we don't offer a professional service because we allow for such a fast and easy process. Below is a look at all you need to know about how our process works when we buy houses.

How Our System Works as Cash Home Buyers

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Are you interested in finding out more about how our houses company can outperform your local realtor in speed, yielding a hassle-free closing process? Why is it so quick and easy even for a first-time seller? It only takes a few minutes for you to initiate the process that leads to selling your house in Florida fast. Here's how it works!

Make a Cash Offer Request for Your Florida House

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Our reputable company kicks things off with an online form for open houses. Simply complete it with the required information that we ask for to sell your house fast in Florida. Considering that this whole thing is made to be an online process, you can get your home sold with little to no in-person interaction regardless of its as-is condition.

Allow Us to Do Our Due Diligence

Of course, while we love to offer a fair price and buy houses to help their owners avoid realtor commissions and long processes, we do have to ensure that we're making a cash offer that makes sense.

Therefore, we have our team of house heroes do some research on your home's value, as well as any other necessary information about it. Depending on the circumstances, we may need to do a visit. Don't worry as this is still all a free consultation.

Our goal is always to determine the value online but in rare cases, we can't ascertain all the required details for your Florida home that way.

Don't worry as we do buy houses in Florida that require extensive repairs. Nevertheless, when we buy houses for cash, we do have to consider the necessary repairs, so it helps us to have all the details in place.

We Provide You with a Fair Cash Offer

We try to understand everything we need to about your house quickly and once we do, our team of express homebuyers will provide you with a fair offer based on the information we've collated on your Florida home.

Of course, you can then decide if our all-cash offer sounds reasonable to you. Remember there is no obligation when we give you our purchase price, so you can always choose to deny the cost if you don't think it's reasonable.

We Buy Your House as Is with No Unreasonable Closing Costs

Should you choose to accept our offer, then we can set up a closing date nearby, which allows you to get the cash fast. We're not your typical houses company that's going to drag things out for home sellers.

If I Want to Sell My House Fast in Florida, Why Choose You?

Before choosing to allow us to buy houses for cash, we advise everyone to consider why it is they want to sell their houses and what it is they're looking for from the sale. Is it that you want a team of house heroes to make you an offer fast? Perhaps you're facing foreclosure. It could even be that you want to avoid realtor fees.

The reason is of no concern to us. However, we advise you to look at the information below on when we buy houses for fair prices and you can decide from there.

Speedy Cash Offers from a Legitimate Cash Buyer

When we say we can help you sell your house fast, we are not exaggerating. If you don't use our team of house heroes and go the traditional route, it can take ages for you to reach a closing date. Think about the closing costs and the paperwork involved too.

Using our cash home buyers service means getting around all of that hassle. Our fair offer to buy your house as-is is sent over within 48 hours, and the whole thing can be over within 14 days.

No Obligation Fast Cash Offer

Cash offers are the foundation of what we do. After evaluating your street address, house condition, and other details, the next step of our professional service is to make you a fair cash offer.

While we are all about helping people sell their houses in Florida fast, we are not in the business of locking anyone into any agreements. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are under no obligation to sell your house to us, even after we have provided an initial offer.

A Hassle-free System Where We Take It as Is

Finding a cash buyer willing to take your house off your hands as-is may often be easier said than done. Most buyers under the traditional system don't care to purchase quickly. Additionally, if properties have a broken foundation or there's any other damage, it presents a problem when anyone is looking to buy houses. Companies doing realty often avoid them.

However, we buy houses regardless of their condition. Of course, we do have to consider the extent of the damage, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to take it.

The Typical Sales Process with Real Estate Investors or an Investment Company Is Non-Existent

It may not be in your best interest to go through the standard process because of how long it runs for. You may have your reasons why you wish to sell quickly. We aren't concerned with all that. What we know is that we're here to help home sellers get cash for their homes.

Our online process is quick and easy. You minimize the number of parties that are typically involved when people wish to sell homes. Additionally, the documentation and the waiting game are eliminated.

Trusted Cash Home Buyers with a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

Since we buy houses for cash and offer such a smooth method of doing it, we often find potential customers wondering if our business is legit and can be trusted. We completely understand your concerns. After all, not every company in our line of work is willing to ignore as much as we do to buy houses.

Companies that are willing to do so often require potential sellers to jump through a series of hoops first. You want to sell your house fast, but you don't want to be scammed. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, so there's no need for you to be worried. Just check out our video testimonials and positive reviews if you need more encouragement!

Who Should Consider Selling a Florida House Fast via Our Selling Process?

We are the kind of home buyers who are willing to purchase a house in Florida from just about any area. Sunny Isles Beach? Palm Beach? We've got you! However, we understand that what we offer is a very specific method that allows us to comfortably and easily buy houses.

Florida homeowners may not necessarily always think that their needs are suited to what we bring to the table, and we get that. Are you wondering if our team of house heroes is suited to you? Well, here are the typical people who benefit when we buy houses from them.

Those Who Want to Avoid Foreclosure

Obviously, everyone selling a house in Florida doesn't do so for the same reasons. Some people genuinely want to know a company that buys houses quickly so they can get rid of the one they have and probably don't like too much.

However, foreclosure is another kettle of fish entirely. This is where we shine as house heroes. When your house gets foreclosed, that affects your credit report for years to come, which means there are all sorts of problems.

Those who are selling homes to avoid foreclosure have nothing to worry about as we can offer the kind of fast sale that can take your worries away.

Anyone Looking for Local Cash Home Buyers Who Are Willing to Give a Fair Offer Quickly

Sometimes, people just want to find home buyers that will be cooperative enough to help them sell their houses as quickly as possible. Even if all the stars align, the average time it takes to sell houses using the typical home buying process is nothing to write home about.

That's where we come in with our extremely fast way of doing things, which allows you to sell your home in no time flat. You could even save thousands by not needing to hire a realtor.

Real Estate Investors Who Need a Home Selling Process That Fits in with Their Exit Plan

As is the case with almost any kind of investment, sometimes you realize that the home purchase you made was not all you thought it would be.

Properties listed on the open market can be incredibly alluring. What happens though if Florida's unforgiving real estate market gets in the way of your being able to flip the house as you would've liked?

Allow our house heroes to give you the out you need.

Those Who Need Someone Who Buys Houses in Florida Regardless of the Condition

The condition of a house is a big deal whenever its sale is being considered. Structural damage, wall damage, etc. all factor into what buyers will pay for a property in Florida, assuming they're willing to buy it at all.

Our houses company is willing to purchase your house regardless of the state of disrepair that it may be in. Does this mean the damage won't factor into the offer we make to help you sell your home fast?

We're still a business so it does matter, but at least it's not enough to stop you from being able to sell your home to us.

If You Want to Sell Your House That Was Inherited with No Real Estate Agent Fees or Stress

Inherited houses are sometimes not desired by those who get them. Again, this is something we understand and are willing to help you get around in Florida. All you need to do if you want our house heroes to help you sell your property is reach out to us and fill out our online form.

People Who Need a Fair Price with Divorce in the Mix

Divorce is quite a delicate process and involves the splitting of assets that may have been jointly owned. Sometimes, neither party is interested in keeping the house and wants to sell it.

Considering the intention would be to wrap this all up as quickly as possible, the fact that we buy houses fast is a blessing.

Advantages of Letting Our House Heroes Team Handle the Process

  • An incredibly quick process with no hassle
  • We pay the full amount in cash, which means you don't need to wait for a long time to get your money
  • Remodeling or effecting repairs is unnecessary as we take the house as is
  • The typical open market process, staging, or dealing with agents is unnecessary
  • There are no lending requirements to think about.


Are you thinking, “I need to sell my house fast?” If so, then why not allow us to make you a quick and easy cash offer with no strings attached? We are in the business of buying homes in Florida, regardless of their condition!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is a Consultation?

We don't have a paid consultation at all. Simply fill out the form online and watch us execute our method for free.

There's No Way Getting a No-obligation Cash Offer Can Be That Simple, Right?

Actually, it is that simple. If you found yourself thinking, “there's no way I can sell my house without having to jump through a bunch of hoops,” then we would advise you to give us a chance.