History Of Fort Lauderdale

The history of Fort Lauderdale is very rich indeed and is roughly dated back to 4000 years ago when the natives who were largely aboriginal settled in the area. The Tequesta Indians followed shortly after and lived in the area for hundreds of years. It was only in the 20th century that the area showed some semblance of actual development as it had been in the hands of Spain and England before then.

New River Settlement

This was one of the earlier names of Fort Lauderdale. After the East Coast Railroad began construction, the area was flooded with immigrants and newer development and it seemed like the settlement was in communication with the outside world.

The Florida land boom really quick started things and people who moved there during the 1920s at this time remained there and their descendants are still a large part of the population today. After the Fort was made a Navy Base, many officers also settled in this area and caused a population boom.

Archeological Evidence

Much of the older assumptions are based on scarce remains of older civilizations of which the Tequesta Indians appear most dominant. When the Europeans entered the area for imperialistic purposes they transmitted various infections and diseases which had previously not existed there and for which the natives had no natural immunity.

Creek Indians migrated here in the 18th Century and to this day, their influence can be seen in various ways such as in local slang and cuisine.

1945 Onwards

After the land boom died down there was only the port of Miami to bring in fresh supplies and there was still some time before Port Everglades would be completed. Depression hit at around the same time and the area suffered just like the rest of the country before its eventual recovery in the 1960s.

There are many notable people from this city.

Marily Manson, Scottie Pippen, Michael Irvin, Lorenzo White, being a few.

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