Finding A Real Estate Mentor For Free

Every successful person shares one thing in common, they all have a mentor. Everyone experiencing any level of success has gleaned information and experiences from someone further on down the road. We've seen this proven process work for athletes, politicians, School teachers, Real Estate Investors and pretty much any occupation you can imagine. The question comes down to, how do we go about getting this information without having access to a big-budget?

In the early stages of our real estate investing career, we may not have a lot of money to spend. We want to put our money in the best places possible in the very beginning. After all, this is one of the very reasons why we may need a mentor. Let's look at seven ways we can use to find a mentor for free.

1) We can use Google Search to find who is in the news for real estate investing in our area. You can use search strategies to uncover who is having local success and is worth your time. You can also determine where these people will hang out giving you an opportunity to put yourself in the right place.

2) You should join local real estate investing meetup groups. The meetings take place pretty frequently even in some of the smaller locations. You can also use online tools to determine who is attending these meetups and how often they have come in the past. Doing the proper due diligence will allow you to prioritize your time in the meetings. The last thing you want to do is spend your time with the right people.

3) Every city, big or small has a place where the real estate investment crowd hang out. It could be a restaurant, Tennis Club, Golf Course and even just a Local Pub. The idea is you'll need to get out and get to know people.

4) You'll be surprised who you can come across when you get involved with your community and volunteer with different organizations. You can make a big difference even if it's working with kids or helping the elderly. Either way, you're going to be able to network with people and learn what passions they have.

5) You could always strive to step up and do spectacular work to get noticed. An expert is always looking for someone that can produce results. In some situations, you might find the real estate mentor will come to you.

6) You can add their free training sessions to your calendar. You can set up notifications for your calendar reminding you when their next free training session is. Another tip is to introduce yourself to them every time you see them. It may take you a few extra minutes to be able to get face to face through the crowds, but it's worth it because they will recognize you over time.

7) Depending on how you are set up with your company, you can invest with them and learn on the job. This is a brilliant strategy as long as you don't overstep your grounds.

When I found my mentor, it came quite a bit more natural. I didn't realize initially the process was unfolding right before me until after the fact. I was in a fitness center exercising and decided to help this old guy. I didn't even know who he was at the time. It turned out he was heavily involved in real estate investing too. He worked alongside one of the larger homebuilders in North America. The home builder he knew was worth over 2 billion dollars at the time.

The old guy I met in the gym that day became someone I respected a great deal. We've known each other for many years now, and he's helped me in more ways than I can imagine. He's a man of integrity and always did the right thing. He's helped me outside of real estate investing too. It's been a real blessing.

The bottom line is you can take these steps and apply them yourself. You don't need to spend a lot of money to find a mentor. I didn't. It's worked out incredibly well for me.