Best Places To Get Home Renovation Materials

We all know how tiresome selling an old house can be. It means that it has to undergo a renovation process to look as appealing and new as possible. That can take so long because even a crack on the wall can reduce the house's value.  

Our last article was about making more income from your property.  Today we're speaking more to the real estate investors or “home flippers” as we are commonly known.  This article is a guide to where you can find materials to renovate and / or make improvements to your property.

Renovation requires that the house seller paints the house fresh, take out old furniture, installs new light fixtures, switches, and sockets as well as new carpets and curtains. Most of the time, people who do house flipping are the ones who do a lot of house renovation.

House flipping is where a real estate agent buys houses, holds on to them for sometimes, and then sells them at a profit. They can either do that by purchasing a home where there is an increasing value in the property, or buy an old house and increase its value by renovation.

To make money from flipping houses, these essential tips can help.

  • Finance the house with cash- With house flipping, there are some potential risks, and the best thing is to finance the home with cash instead of loans. That way, there will be no hurry to sell it, meaning that there will be enough time to renovate. Also, there will be no interests.
  • Understand the market- It helps to understand the market to which we will sell the house. Take time and learn about the real estate trends around where the house is and the people's lifestyle. That gives better chances of selling the house at a profit.
  • Have a budget- Going into a project without a budget can result in more expenditure in the long run. That is why making a list of all the essential things and their prices are vital.
  • Consult real estate experts- Where else can we get the best tips if not from the experts. It is vital to take some time and see a real estate expert for their thought on the property.
  • Settle on a style- Make sure that you have a style in mind before starting the renovation process. That will make it easier when it comes to buying the renovation materials and doing the work.
  • Do not rush- Hurry has no blessings. Well, with that in mind, it is best to take the renovation process slowly so that there is nothing left out. Most of the time, we tend to do it in a hurry to start the next project, but that can cost us some money.
  • Invest in the best renovations- If a house is to sell for a high price, the renovations and new things added into the place have to be of high quality. To do that, it is vital to look around for the best stores to buy renovation items.

Many shops claim to sell those items at affordable prices, which is true, but are they that good quality? Taking time to research and compare the stores can save a lot of money and time.

It is best to understand what stores sell what and their locations. Some of the places that are known for selling the best renovation materials are:

1. Home Depot

Home depot is the biggest retailer in home renovation products in the United States with its headquarters in Cobb Country, Georgia. They have their stores in cities all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and the United Kingdom.

Home Depot also serves people worldwide because of the website on which people can find the items globally. They sell home appliances, builder’s hardware, tools, building materials, lumber, plumbing, painting, and garden supplies plus plants (both live and dead).


IKEA is another place that is perfect for anybody who wants to renovate their house. Shopping can be done either in their numerous stores or the website where they deliver all ordered items within days.

There are so many things available in their 433 stores located worldwide with the headquarters in Delft, Netherlands. It is possible to try out the products at the stores to see if they will meet the requirements.

IKEA's products include furniture, table, kitchenware, decorations, storages, beds and mattresses, kitchen appliances, textiles, lightings, bathroom products, home electronics, outdoor products, and pots and plants.

3. Lowe’s

Lowe's is a major American home improvement retail store with its headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina. They have several stores in Canada and the United States and around 2,015 stores in North America.

They have many products essential for home renovation and improvement that can be bought from either their stores or ordered online from their website.

The products range from hardware, appliances, paints, hardware, air conditioners, electronics, holiday decorations, electronics, home décor, store and organization, tools, glues and tapes, windows and doors and plumbing, bathroom, flooring plus kitchen supplies

4. Ferguson

Ferguson is the most prominent plumbing supply distributor all over the United States and the number three distributor of HVAC/R and industrial products. Ferguson has more than 27,000 associates and 1 400 locations, ten of which are strategically located all over the United States.

Ferguson products are available in all 50 states of the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico. The headquarters are in Portland, Maine, United States.

The products distributed are residential and commercial plumbing supplies, valves, pipes and fittings, cooling and heating equipment, waterworks, bath, kitchen and lighting appliances, mechanical and industrial products, safety equipment, tools, and MRO products.

5. Nemo Tile

Nemo Tile is a renowned company when it comes to tile and stone services. It started in Jamaica, Queens, where the headquarters are and has now expanded to Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Nemo tile has done remarkable works in hotels, restaurants, companies, and lobbies worldwide. That is why they are the number one solution when it comes to tiles and flooring.

For any floor needs that may require ceramics, porcelain, metal tiles, glass, or even stone surfacing materials, Nemo tiles have got us covered.

6. Tile Bar

Tile bar is a shop dedicated to helping with our tiles needs when renovating and improving our houses. The central Tile Bar store location is in New York, but they provide their services in many cities.

When it comes to tiles, the tile bar gives us a range of kitchen, bathroom, and floor tiles with different colors, patterns, and styles depending on our preferences. That way, all our tiling needs will be met to the latter.

They have all mosaics, subway tiles, decorative, stone, marble look, and more styles. The tiles materials range from marble and stone, real wood, glass and mosaics, ceramic or porcelain, etc. They have a pattern like hexagonal, diamond mosaics, octagon mosaics, square tiles, and mosaics.

The colors come in blue, metallic, gold, white, and cream, brown, etc. Tile bar also makes sure to advise all their clients on the best tiles they can use depending on their floors and other factors.

7. Menards

Menards, a chain of stores specializing in home improvement, is located in the Midwestern United States with the headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. There are a total of 350 Menards stores in 25 states around the United States.

Menards ranks third in the list of home improvement stores in the US. Menards deals in appliances, electronics, heating and cooling appliances, plumbing appliances, paints, tools, hardware, kitchen appliances, storage and organization, bathroom fixtures, doors, windows, and building materials.

The building materials you can get from this store include panel products, lumber, boards, metal frames, post frames, roofing, cement and concrete, gutters, insulation, fencing, molding, ceilings, columns, and accessories, among others.