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If you are thinking along the lines of selling your home in Sunrise as is, without paying a retailer’s commission or making expensive renovations, then you may be on the lookout for a reputable house buying company that will buy a house fast in Sunrise, Florida, for a fair cash offer.

Need To Sell Your House

Owning a Home Is Not Easy

Sometimes, it can prove very stressful to own a home in Sunrise, Florida, for a number of reasons. From bad tenants to expensive repairs to simply owning a home that is too large. Regardless of your reasoning, being stuck with an unwanted property can prove to be quite a burden to any homeowner, both financially and mentally. However, Florida Homeowner Solutions would like to help you. After all, we buy homes in Sunrise, Florida.

Florida Homeowner Solutions - Trusted Sunrise Home Buyers

Florida Homeowner Solutions, as the name suggests, is your solution for the cash home buyer you are looking for. We are professionals who buy houses in the Sunrise area. Our company specializes in helping homeowners who feel like they are stuck with an unwanted property or an unsellable one. However, we will buy your house, no matter what your situation is, meaning no repairs are needed. There are also no real estate agents involved, no open houses, no mortgage payments, and, lastly, no wasted time. Florida Homeowner Solutions will pay all closing costs, meaning that you can save thousands of dollars on renovations and by paying zero realtor fees.

Our offers are always cash offers and are absolutely free, with no hassles or obligations. Better yet, you also get to pick the closing date. All you have to do is fill out the form on our website or give us a call at (954) 399-6877 to receive an immediate cash offer today!

How Florida Homeowner Solutions Buys Houses

Florida Homeowner Solutions has been purchasing real estate for over 20 years, and with this company, selling your house fast cannot get any easier. Our four-step home buying process is exactly what makes it so easy to move on from your property for a fair price. The process is outlined in the steps below:

Step One - Contact Florida Homeowner Solutions 

The first step to selling your house fast is to call Florida Homeowner Solutions at (954) 399-6877 or fill out the form on our website. The team at Florida Homeowner Solutions will then begin to gather information about the property address, as well as the property's as-is condition. This is because we want to make you an offer that is of the highest and best quality.

Step Two - Receive a Fair All Cash Offer from These Cash Home Buyers 

Next, Florida Homeowner Solutions will make you a fair cash offer. Not only is this cash offer free, but it is also a no-obligation cash offer. These cash offers are always as-is and will save you thousands on real estate agent fees. What's more is that these offers are all Florida Homeowner Solution's own cash; there are no banks involved in the process.


Step Three - We Will Meet with You at Your Property Address 

If Florida Homeowner Solutions' cash offer fits your expectations, then we will go on to schedule a visit with you at your property address. At your property address, Florida Homeowner Solutions will do a walkthrough and confirm any repairs needed. There is no need to panic, as you won't have to complete any of these repairs yourself. Florida Homeowner Solutions will handle all of that for you.

Once the walkthrough is complete, Florida Homeowner Solutions will then explain everything to you, and a sales agreement will be signed, should both parties be in agreement.

Step Four - Close Your Timeframe 

When it comes to selling your house fast it really is this easy. Florida Homeowner Solutions will work on your timeline and take care of all the other minor details regarding the sale.

Overall, when you choose Florida Homeowner Solutions to buy your house, you can choose to get paid in days rather than months. This is because you pick the closing date. To receive the cash for your home as soon as possible, all you need to do is, show up and sign the paperwork.

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How Florida Homeowner Solutions Calculates Offers to Buy Houses in Sunrise, FL

Florida Homeowner Solutions has a very simple way of calculating its fair cash offers. Here are how these cash home buyers do it:

#1 Estimate Renovation Costs 

The first step to calculating a fair cash offer is to figure out the repair costs. Heating and cooling systems, roofs, electrical, and foundations are all considered big-ticket items. General updates are computed on a cost per square basis; in other words, the more required updates for your Sunrise house, the higher the cost per square foot will be.

#2 Research Property Value 

Next, Florida Homeowner Solutions will start looking into active, sold, and expired comparables nearby. Lot size, square footage, construction materials, lot size, and nearby amenities are all major points of comparison. The type of sale also plays a role, as it could be an off-market, on-market, foreclosure, or short sale.

#3 Working the Calculator!

There are two approaches that Florida Homeowner Solutions has when it comes to buying houses; these are namely flips or rentals. A flip offer is one that will consider what it will take to sell your house fast, including holding costs, repairs, local demand, estimated time on the market, and the re-sale price, whereas rental offers focus on vacancy rates, market rents, and appreciation.

However, price is not the only important thing when it comes to selecting an offer, and literally just about anyone can offer anything in writing or verbally. A real estate agent or investor will often propose a high price to sell your house but will fail to deliver on this proposal.

Special Offer

By vetting the terms of the offer, as well as the buyer, you are preventing any time from being wasted.

Offers are only as good as their written terms, meaning that they should include all the relevant contract terms, for example:

  • Inspection days
  • Closing date
  • Financing
  • Occupancy
  • Escrow deposit

The buyer will also be assessed through the examination of their testimonials, work history, online reputation, and social media reviews.

There Is Always More to an Offer Than Its Price 

Selecting an offer from Florida Homeowner Solutions is not always simple, and the highest offer isn't necessarily the best offer. Offer terms are generally just as, if not more important, than the price.

Home buyers will often make you an offer with long financing and appraisal contingencies, inspections, or minimal escrow deposits. If an offer gives home buyers many ways to cancel, then what are the odds of them following through?

Buyers generally do not have the know-how to complete a sale, and Florida Homeowner Solutions often works with sellers after their home buyers have backed out. You are saving both time and frustration when you consider a buyer's work history, reputation, and reviews.

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Florida Homeowner Solutions Goal with Each Cash Offer to Buy Houses | Sunrise, FL

For saleThe goal of Florida Homeowner Solutions with each cash offer is to provide those wanting to sell their house fast with a simple and quick sale - all while still paying these homeowners a fair price.

Sell Your House Fast for Cash in Sunrise

Selling your house fast to Florida Homeowner Solutions means:

  • A cash offer that is fair and free
  • Zero real estate agent commission
  • Sell your house fast without making any repairs
  • No banks, mortgages, or appraisals
  • Simple and fast closing
  • No online listings
  • No showings or open houses
  • An honest cash offer with a follow-through

What Is Considered to Be a Fair Cash Offer?

Florida Homeowner Solutions aims to make a cash offer that will work for both the seller and the company. The value of these cash home buyers to buy houses is fast closing, no mortgages, and buying your house as is.

If Florida Homeowner Solutions' cash offer does not work for you, for example, in the instance where you have put in the work and aren't looking for a fast sale, then you can let us know, and we will provide assistance where we can.

Sell Your House Quickly & Stress Free

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We Can Buy Your Inherited Property!

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We'll Buy Your Home if You are Relocating for Any Reason!

We Buy Vacant and Rented Homes!

We Buy Vacant and Rented Homes!

Sell Your House Fast For Cash Today

Why Choose Florida Homeowner Solutions to Sell Your House Quickly - We Buy Homes | Sunrise, FL

House sales, especially with real estate investors, are never this easy. Real estate investors will ask homeowners to sign what is known as a listing agreement, and this agreement is what grants these real estate investors the exclusive right to sell your house.

This means that you will pay a commission, usually up to 6%, even if it is you who finds the buyer, or the agent did not deliver on their promises. Selling to Florida Homeowner Solutions, however, is not only fast and easy, but you also save on repairs and agent fees.

The Difference Between Selling Your House to Florida Homeowner Solutions VS the Traditional Way to Sell 

If you are still deciding on how you will sell your house in Sunrise, here are the differences between selling your Sunrise house to Florida Homeowner Solutions and selling your house using the traditional route with a public listing:

Commissions or Fees 

There are no commissions or fees when you sell your house to Florida Homeowner Solutions, but there is a 6% average fee paid by you to the seller when you sell your house with an agent.

Who Pays Closing Costs?

When a homeowner sells their house to Florida Homeowner Solutions, our company will pay all closing costs, whereas, with an agent, 2% on average closing costs will need to be paid by the homeowner to the seller.

Mortgage Financing 

Florida Homeowner Solutions makes cash offers; therefore, there is no mortgage financing when you sell your house to us cash home buyers. However, there is mortgage financing when you sell your house with an agent, as the sale is often subject to lender approval.

Appraisal Needed 

There is no appraisal needed to sell your house fast to Florida Homeowner Solutions; however, your sale will be subjected to appraisal when selling your sunrise house with an agent.

Open Houses or Showings

When you sell your house to Florida Homeowner Solutions, there are no open houses or showings required. This is not the same for selling your sunrise house with an agent, as open houses or showings happen either daily or weekly.

Closing Date 

When it comes to this date, it is the date of your choice when you sell your sunrise house fast to Florida Homeowner Solutions. When it comes to selling your home with an agent, however, this date will be between 30 and 60 days after the accepting buyer's offer.

Who Pays for Repairs?

Florida Homeowner Solutions will pay for all repairs when we buy houses; however, when you sell your sunrise house with an agent, the person who will pay for the repairs will be negotiated prior to the closing.

The Traditional Way to Sell Your House Fast, Sunrise, FL

People choose to work with Florida Homeowner Solutions because they want to simplify their sales. If you don't already know, the traditional way to sell your house goes something like this:

  • Talking to interview agents and then signing a listing agreement.
  • Next, you will work on renovations and on any updates and will do a home clean-out.
  • Then, a professional photographer will take photos of your home.
  • Your agent will then use these photos to create a public listing that is circulated to all home buyers.
  • After enough open houses and walk-throughs have occurred, the homeowner can then choose to accept an offer.
  • Hopefully, the bank will then approve the mortgage.

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How Florida Homeowner Solutions Simplifies the Traditional Way to Sell Your House in the Fastest Way 

Cash Home Buyers 

The people at Florida Homeowner Solutions are cash home buyers that make a cash offer with no mortgage necessary. House sales tend to fall apart at the last minute because the buyer failed to qualify for a mortgage. Banks will not issue a buyer a mortgage if their home needs work. When it comes to cash home buyers, like Florida Homeowner Solutions, our offers are cash, so you will never need to worry about your sale falling apart due to mortgages again!

Experienced Home Buyers

Florida Homeowner Solutions buys houses and has been doing so for over 20 years. When you have open houses or showings, tire-kicker buyers and inexperienced home buyers often attend. These are home buyers that are either looking at your home but are not interested in making an offer or make you an offer and then back out of their offer. The experience of Florida Homeowner Solutions allows us to make homeowners a cash offer that we intend on closing on, securing the sale of your Sunrise house fast.

Skip Traditional Sales Hassles 

If you want to have a hassle-free way of selling your Sunrise house fast, avoid the traditional home sales process and save on a 6% retailer commission by choosing to sell your house fast to trusted cash home buyers like Florida Homeowner Solutions.

Sunrise's Best Solution to Selling Your House Fast

If you want to work with an honest, experienced, and trustworthy cash home buyer, then Florida Homeowner Solutions has got you covered!

We buy houses, and we've been buying them for many years. Therefore, we have helped in many types of situations if those wanting to sell a house fast in Sunrise, FL:

  • Sell my house - fast situation
  • Major renovations
  • An inherited property
  • Downsizing
  • Divorce
  • Relocation
  • Foreclosure
  • Eviction
  • Late taxes

Therefore, if you need someone who will buy your house fast in Sunrise, Florida, Homeowner Solutions will make you a cash offer no matter what your circumstance may be, or what the condition your home is in - fire damaged, vacant, and even uninhabitable. There is a reason why countless homeowners have sold their homes to us.

old house

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be one of the many people who still have questions regarding how to get a cash offer, how Florida Homeowner Solutions buys houses, and about our team. Florida Homeowner Solutions is more than happy to provide answers to all of your most pressing questions.

You can find a list of our most frequently asked questions below and their answers. If you still have any other questions, do not hesitate to give us a call at (954) 399-6877.


Is Florida Homeowner Solutions Legit?

With so many companies claiming to buy houses, it can be very hard to tell when you are working with a cash home buyer who is legitimate. Inexperienced buyers will usually lack the necessary skills and financial resources required to buy your house fast for cash. Even worse, you may end up on the wrong side of a scam if you work with just anyone that promises high cash offers.

However, there are a few things that a seller can do to vet a purported buyer, such as:

  • Request a bank statement showing proof of funds that is in the name of the buyer who buys houses - cash buyers who claim to buy houses but cannot show a bank statement is usually because they don't have one to begin with.
  • Search for an online social media presence and video testimonials for social proof that you are dealing with an experienced real estate investor.
  • Is the buyer a registered cooperator?
  • Are they Better Business Bureau accredited?

Doing the simple things above can save homeowners so much time, frustration, and stress when it comes to selling their house fast to legitimate home buyers.

What Does Florida Homeowner Solutions Do with the Houses They Buy? 

As already mentioned, countless times, Florida Homeowner Solutions has purchased many homes in Sunrise, Florida, and often, many sellers are curious as to what we do with their property after we buy their houses.

Florida Homeowner Solutions handles all of its purchases according to the type of property:

Single-family houses 

Usually, Florida Homeowner Solutions will fix and flip single-family houses, especially if renovations or updates are needed. If these expensive repairs are not needed, Florida Homeowner Solutions will either turn it into a rental property or attempt to re-sell the house fast on the open market.

Multi-family Houses 

Due to the positive cash flow of multi-family homes, Florida Homeowner Solutions tends to keep them as rentals.

Vacant House or Land

In terms of what Florida Homeowner Solutions does with vacant land, we will either hold the land for appreciation or build. The building will make more sense in areas where neighborhoods have already been established and where decent re-sale values exist.


Florida Homeowner Solutions always flips or re-sells condos. Condos usually don't make for good rental investments, so flipping a condo is usually the primary option for Florida Homeowner Solutions.


What Is it Like to Live in Sunrise, Florida?

Sunrise is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale and has a population of just over 93,199 people. Located in Broward County, Sunrise is considered one of the best places to live in Florida. This is because living in this area gives residents an urban feel with several restaurants, parks, and coffee shops. Better yet, the educational institutions of Sunrise are also considered to be above average.

Florida Homeowner Solutions buys houses in just about all of Sunrise, Florida's zip codes, including:

  • 33313
  • 33317
  • 33319
  • 33322
  • 33323
  • 33325
  • 33326
  • 33351

What Are the Benefits to Sell My House Fast to Florida Homeowner Solutions?

The benefits of selling your house fast to Florida Homeowner Solutions are:

  • A fair cash offers
  • Fast closing
  • No repairs required
  • Zero realtor commissions
  • You pick the closing date
  • Simple process

Who Are We?

Being South Florida residents ourselves, Florida Homeowner Solutions is a company that cares deeply about its community and neighbors. We understand that due to factors out of a person's control, you may find yourself at risk of losing your most valuable investment, your home.

However, we want you to know that you are not alone, both of our families at Florida Homeowner Solutions lost their homes to a bank, and it was because of this devastating experience from which our company arose.

We want to serve as a completely free resource to those who find themselves in similar situations. While the whole process is one overwhelming and emotional task, we are here to help you every step of the way. All you have to do to sell your house in Sunrise is give us a call.

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