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Real Estate Agents Fort Lauderdale

Finding the right real estate company for your needs can be a challenge. If you need quick real estate services - to sell or to buy, you will need an exceptional professional to complete the real estate transaction as quickly as possible.

For people looking to get things done in a heartbeat, we present Florida Homeowner Solutions - the number-one real estate agents in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

Our real estate agents work quickly and offer the finest expertise in selling and buying homes rapidly - and if that's what you're looking for, don't wait; give us a call today!

Florida Homeowner Solutions - The Best Real Estate Agents in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Best Real Estate Agents in Fort Lauderdale

Founded over 20 years ago by South Florida residents, our company found success by caring for the community and our neighbors. We are not just real estate agents who want to earn their profit; we have a deeper understanding that the situation can sometimes get out of control, and people can be at risk of losing their home.

Even some of us lost homes due to foreclosure, which led us to open a company that offers free resources for people trying to avoid foreclosure.

Since we understand how difficult leaving your family home behind can be, we say you don't have to go through it alone. Our real estate agents work free of charge, and we offer important advice to our clients on how to avoid foreclosure and possibly keep their homes, too!

We also help sell homes fast for other reasons, such as element damage, probate, or divorce. You only have to schedule a free consultation via phone or our website, and we will gladly take over and make the process stress-free for you!

Why Choose Florida Homeowner Solutions?

Why Choose Florida Homeowner Solutions?

Choosing to sell your home fast is never an easy decision. However, when you do what you must, you will need help from a highly specialized team such as ours, the Florida Homeowner Solutions.

As there are many reasons to sell your home quickly, there are many reasons why you should choose us over any other real estate company. Our local real estate agents work for you in the best way possible, every single time, as we truly believe we work for our customers rather than sole profit.

Choose Your Terms

We pride ourselves in the fact that we listen to our customers and their terms. Whatever your requirements are, we will do our best to keep them. We will also use our power to help you keep your home.

However, if that isn't a viable solution, our top-notch real estate agents will go over the most suitable options to sell your home that works best for your needs. If you need cash, we will ensure you get it as quickly as possible!

Pay Zero Commission

Our goal at Florida Homeowner Solutions is to get our clients as much equity as possible rather than charging them huge commissions for quick services. Our real estate agents worked hard to build our stellar reputation, so we are the best agents in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Even if the case is that there is no equity left in your home, our amazing real estate brokers won't allow you to leave without money to relocate. You can do it if you want to move after selling your Fort Lauderdale home!

Wide Range of Real Estate Services

From selling and buying FL Fort Lauderdale homes to other types of real estate, our fantastic realtors can also advise you on the best property for your needs. Whatever listing agent you choose from FHS, they can find you the home of your dreams, whether you are looking for sea realty, single-family homes, condos, commercial or residential property.

Every FHS real estate agent works with private individuals, as well as investors who are looking to purchase Fort Lauderdale property. We also do property management and give financing tips to give our customers the full range of services to sell or buy their home.

Work with the Best

Florida Homeowner Solutions is a well-known company in Fort Lauderdale, working with customers for over 20 years. Our founder, Ryan Kuhlman, received multiple awards for helping homeowners escape foreclosure with exceptional financial advice and expertise regarding real estate services.

Sell As-Is

Many people in Fort Lauderdale by the sea are worried that even the best real estate agent will force them to do many repairs to their home. However, that is not something you will ever experience if you decide to work with us, Florida Homeowner Solutions.

Going with the best real estate agents from Florida Homeowner Solutions means that you will not have to upgrade or change anything about your home. We will help you sell your Fort Lauderdale, FL, home just as it is - allowing you to get everything done much faster!

Situations Florida Foreclosure Solutions Can Help You With

Foreclosure Solutions

After two decades in the business, our real estate agents have seen it all, and we can assist you in all kinds of life situations you come across. We understand that even considering selling your home can be difficult, but having a helping hand throughout the process makes it a bit easier.

We specialize in difficult situations regarding real estate, especially those associated with high stress. Even the top real estate agent sometimes cannot handle the pressure of a foreclosure, for example, but our top realtors can handle it all.


Even the top real estate agents won't deal with a foreclosure, but you can rest assured that we will take your case. However, what makes us stand out in Fort Lauderdale is that we will first review all the options to avoid foreclosure at all costs.

If we prove there is no other option, we will ensure you go through the process with the upper hand.

Loan Modification

Regarding real estate transactions, many real estate agents don't bother to check if you can get a better loan for your home. On the other hand, that never happens with Florida Homeowner Solutions!

We will first check out your interest rate and mortgage, and if we believe we can get you a loan with better conditions - we will. The best real estate agents at FHS are experts at everything mortgage-related and may be able to get you a refinancing loan with a lower monthly payment if that is what you need at the moment!

Short Sale

Avoiding foreclosure is the best with a short sale; even the best real estate agent in the world will tell you that. Be that as it may, selling a home quickly in Fort Lauderdale, FL, can be a challenge, and when that happens, just give us a call.

Our top real estate agents can help you sell your home quicker than you hoped, allowing you to avoid the worst outcome. It takes a couple of months to get a short sale approved - which is certainly much quicker than it takes to sell it traditionally.

Just call us today and schedule a free consultation and learn about our short sale process!

Selling for Cash

Sometimes, you need cash fast; when that is the case, you might be looking to sell your home for cash. If that is what you need at the moment, we are happy to say that, among other things, Florida Homeowner Solutions buys houses for cash.

We are proud to say that we love helping homeowners in difficult situations by paying the home value estimate in cash. So, if you need to sell your Fort Lauderdale, FL, home quickly, we can give you an offer today.

Our company, Florida Homeowner Solutions, has extensive experience in buying homes - so whatever situation you find yourself in, we have seen it already. When other real estate agents have let you down, our realtors at FHS can help you out - and we can accelerate the process to give you peace of mind.

Lastly - don't worry about insane closing costs or huge fees - we will pay you a fair price for your home in cash! Call or contact us via our website and get all the information today!

Buying & Selling a Home in Fort Lauderdale, FL - FAQs

Buying & Selling a Home

Can Florida Homeowner Solutions Sell My Home in Two Months or Less?

The short answer is - yes! We can complete a sale in the local market in less than eight weeks - we are fully experienced in making listings look attractive, and our realtors know all the tricks of the business to ensure your house is sold in a couple of months!

Does Florida Homeowner Solutions Work with Commercial Real Estate?

Our real estate agents generally work with all kinds of real estate, leaning more towards residential realty. However, we know our way around commercial real estate, too, so if you need to sell your business building, you can rest assured that we will do everything according to our clients' will.  Also, We Buy Houses in Florida! Contact us today to see if we can help you get out of your situation.

Is Fort Lauderdale, FL a Buyers' or a Sellers' Market?

Many real estate agents will tell real estate owners what they want to hear, but our reputation isn't based on making things seem prettier than they are. We built our business by being honest and straightforward - and the truth is Fort Lauderdale, FL, is currently a seller's market, and it has been for the past three years.

So, if you want to sell, now is the perfect time to place listings on your properties, as real estate tends to sell quickly for lots of cash!

Final Thoughts

Buy or Sell Property

If you need to buy or sell properties quickly, our top agents at Florida Homeowner Solutions have your back. The first thing you need to do is pick up the phone or go through our website to get in touch and request a consultation - we will get back to you in less than 24 hours, allowing for more time to interview agents from other cities!

Our home-buying consultations are free - no matter your choice, in-person or via the phone. We will review all the alternatives available to find the best solution for your needs.

Our real estate agents may specialize in a quick selling process, but they are problem-solvers. You can expect your home to be sold fast for a fair price, most of the time. So, schedule an appointment today and see why we are Fort Lauderdale, FL's best real estate agents!