Neighborhoods in Miramar, Florida

If you have an upcoming move to Miramar, Florida and are unfamiliar with the area, it is a great idea to learn as much as possible about the neighborhoods. They each have their unique characteristics, making a massive difference in choosing a home in an area. In this article, we will discuss neighborhoods in Miramar, Florida.


One of the most popular residential areas for new homeowners in Miramar, Florida, is Calabria. The charming town is located just west of I-75 and sits on the southern shore of Lake Miramar. Calabria features a variety of new construction options that provide homeowners with an array of floor plans in the neighborhoods' many unique single-family and townhome designs. The community's parks are some of the best in the area, providing residents with an array of different park facilities, including volleyball courts, soccer fields, playgrounds and picnic areas. For those looking for ways to get outside, Calabria also provides residents with a community pool open year-round for their enjoyment.


Huntington is a family-oriented neighborhood with several parks, including one accessible by boat. There are also schools nearby and numerous grocery stores and restaurants for families to take advantage of. Huntington is a residential neighborhood that has many beautiful gardens and friendly neighbors. There are many trees throughout the area that provide shade and a feeling of seclusion from the rest of the city.

Riviera Isles

Riviera Isles is a neighborhood in Miramar, Florida. It is a waterfront gated community with a large population of retirees. People like the cleanliness of the community and the fact that it is close to the beach, so they can go there to swim or exercise. The Riviera Isles neighborhood is one of the most desirable places in Miramar, Florida. This community is located just off the Florida Turnpike, and it offers excellent access to I-75 via Hiatus Road. Its location affords many conveniences, such as great schools, parks, and shopping options. The area is also a quiet residential community with an air of prestige.

Sunset Falls

Sunset Falls is located in an isolated area of downtown Miramar, surrounded by a thin strip of forest. The neighborhood is primarily residential and includes a single school, Sunset Falls Elementary. The site comprises post-World War II houses and some apartment complexes. Many homes in the area are located right on the bank of the river, and boats are familiar sights due to the easy access. The neighborhood has been increasing within the past few years, and new businesses such as restaurants and grocery stores have begun to spring up nearby.


The Isles at Riviera

The Isles at Riviera is a neighborhood in Miramar, Florida. It's in a great location, with easy access to the beach, and it has all shops and restaurants you could want right outside your door. It's also close to the highway, so it's easy to commute to wherever you're headed. It is a well-established neighborhood home to many families and active retirees. The homes are a mix of one-story houses and two-story houses, and they closely resemble the style of places in the 1950s. Some of the other amenities of this neighborhood include an active homeowners' association with an athletic director and a basketball court and a community pool.


Many people that know Miramar compare it to a mini-Miami. The cities are growing in leaps and bounds and attract many potential residents because of that fact. If you are considering moving to Miramar, be aware of the different neighborhoods. Each has its personality and characteristics that might be just right for you.