Loan Modification vs. Refinance - Which One Works Best for Me?

Loan Modification vs. Refinance

Getting behind on mortgage payments is one of the most uncomfortable situations homeowners can go through. However, people scared of losing their houses after an economic hardship have two ways to avoid that. We are talking about loan modification and refinance. Both methods try to achieve the same goal: to make mortgage payments more affordable.…

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Short Sales in Hollywood, Florida | Key Factors to Consider

Short Sales in Hollywood, Florida

If you are looking for short sales in Hollywood Florida, call us today for a free consultation. We have made hundreds of Florida short sales since 2008 and are here to help you avoid foreclosures. Our expert team at Florida Homeowner Solutions comprises of in-house negotiators dedicated to bringing you the hassle-free experience of a…

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How to Stop Foreclosure in Florida - Knowing the Laws and Procedures

How to Stop Foreclosure in Florida

Before the mortgage crises, rules governing providers and the process were comparatively few and favored the mortgage lender. This made foreclosure unfair for homeowners. However, loan management and procedures are now regulated by stricter legislation. Additionally, the new rules protect debtors more. In general, servicers are to offer debtors ways to reduce their losses, account…

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Short Sales in Miami, Florida

Short Sale Listings in Miami

When a mortgage lender accepts a mortgage payback amount that is less than what is owed in order to allow the sale of the property by a financially distressed owner, this is known as a short sale. The outstanding loan sum is forgiven by the lender. Short sale homes in Miami are different from buying…

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Short Sales in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Short Sales in Fort Lauderdale

Short sale homes in Fort Lauderdale,FL, are homes that can be bought before the property goes into a foreclosure auction.Here’s how to purchase one: find a house you want on a website that offers foreclosure Fort Lauderdale short sale listings, get in touch with the owner, and begin talking with the bank and the owner at…

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Bank Foreclosures in Florida: Know Your Options

Bank Foreclosures in Florida

Bank foreclosures in Central Florida and across the country have been on the rise, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing that can be done to stop it. There are ways to avoid having a foreclosure on your permanent record- and to protect your credit score- but you need to ask for help in the…

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